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EHS testimony (part 2)

It makes now more than two years that I am obliged to flee my workplace. I am most of the times working from home. It makes more than three years I sleep in a Faraday cage. I avoid all chemicals products from food and cosmetics. I take no more antioxidant or any other potion.

Today, the result is excellent. I have a good health and my sleep quality is at the best. I succeed well to manage my exposure to microwaves and I have a normal life on a health point of view.

However, the more difficult part is to estimate the power of exposure when I am exposed and, moreover, to estimate secondary effects which will be induced. It is very difficult to estimate based on the feeling I get when I am exposed. Some exposure might lead to a couple of painful weeks. I more often wear my shielded cap as a precaution.

Several experiences allowed me to better understand the importance from chemical products and other coloring agent for food. In August 2006, I suffer from muscles pain. I am convinced this bad experience was mainly due to coloring agent I had swallow. Coloring agent are suspecting to increase hyperactivity to children, this certainly means they could cause other pain.

A couple of other experiences had leaded me to a minor and progressive decline of my sleep quality. After I had fallen asleep normally, I suffered from an abnormal wake-up. Afterwards, I had some difficulties to fall asleep again. Each time, I was able to find out what I had changed in my daily habits. Mainly it was due to dental paste change and another time to a dental floss change. It seems to be ridiculous but as soon as I was back with my older products, those problems progressively disappeared.

In my case, EHS and MCS are tightly related.

In my case, it is a complex and multifactorial problem. I think my body is overwhelmed with toxins. Chemical products ingestion, even in infinitesimal quantity, is sufficient to damage my health as much as a short exposure to weak microwave radiations.

Another important data, the measured power to microwave exposure alone is insufficient to correlate it to symptoms. Other parameters need to be taken in account, as the signal variation, frequency, the time of exposure and cumulative microwave sources. Other while, how can we explain that a simple GSM in standby mode is enough to interfere on our sleep? The problem is not so easy than a light bulb that we switch off. Too many studies on electrosensitive people try to do so.

The number of EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitive) people will explode in the coming years (50% of the population?). A lot will suffer from various pains without knowing why. The self made diagnostic will be almost impossible as wireless will be everywhere.

The Wifi is everywhere. 3G/3G+ (UMTS or HSDPA) is awfully and continually increasing. The WiMax is expanding. New standards such WirelessHD, USB Wireless, Bluetooth are considerably expanding. RFID are exploding. New pico or femto networks are deployed…

Worst, a lot of new devices only work in wireless mode. Users are becoming more and more dependant. A French comment posted on my French blog was: “I change my mobile phone with a 3G one and I suffer from itches on my face and from then everything is getting worst. Will the shielded cap really protect me? From where can I buy it?”. What level of pain people are ready to suffer before giving up?

The global power of RF will considerably increase and will be everywhere. The biggest risk is that we will forget on how it was “before”.

A French governmental counselor was ready to remove precaution principle from the constitution. He would like to impose new mast by law.

Journalism will not play their role. There is a conflict interest. Most of the media are investing in mobile technologies, it will bring them a lot of new profits (see RTL lance Plug Mobile, Les grandes ambitions de Bolloré Télécom dans le WiMAX, …).

History paradox is those same media are reporting a future big increase of cancers of all kinds (L'OMS prévoit un doublement des cancers mortels d'ici 2020 ,doublement des cas de cancers, une personne sur deux, …). They ask us to change our bad food habit. The message behind that is that it is our fault.

On a medical point of view, they recognize our sufferings but they pretend it is mainly due to psychosomatic diseases. Following their main conclusions, it is stress related. You are sensitive because you’re too much stressed. My conclusion is the contrary. The stress is a consequence of microwave exposure. Extract: "Mobile phone use is associated with specific changes in the areas of the brain responsible for activating and coordinating the stress system,". Today, I don’t suffer anymore from any kind of stress but microwaves are still hurting me.

Even if OMS is criticized, governmental rules are covered by their recommendations.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Human Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) - Testimony (part 1)

This testimony is dedicated to my colleague who suicided.

The 2004 year was dreadful, very bad sleep, insomnia, concentration lost, distress….

The first physician preliminary visit for sleep test analysis came to bad sleep conclusions. The physician diagnosis was psychosomatic disease!!!

I was absolutely sure my disease had an unknown cause. I started research on INTERNET, I found many pollutions sources and I decided to cancel from my home every wireless communication links, wireless phone (DECT), alarm detection, WI-FI systems….

My health was better, but I decided to go to sleep somewhere else; and there my sleep was better.

At home it was impossible to remove the mast situated 250 meters away.

With the good sleep results obtained out of my home, I decided to built a FARADAY cage around my bed. During day time I wore a special shielded cap. That special shielded cap has an incredible history; one day when I felt dizzy with very strong headache I cover my head with aluminium paper and placed a cap on top; the results were quite incredible. Then I ordered a special cap on INTERNET, since then I keep that cap on my head as long as I can. I even dare to wear my special cap on my job site.

With my FARADAY cage and my special shielded cap slowly I was able to overcome my electro-sensitiveness to electromagnetic waves.

The Belgian telecommunication institute came to measure at home the electromagnetic waves power level. The maximum power was detected in my bedroom with a level of 0.17 V/meter. the measure inside the FARADAY cage gave 25 dB attenuation ( 100 times less ).

My question was, why am I so sensitive to such low level ?

Before to protect myself from electromagnetic waves I had a try on numerous drugs, medicines, sleep pills, Melatonine, but the best results were obtained with anti-oxidants (Chlorella or Chlorelle).

At the end, an environmental physician requested several analysis. Two analysis ( Melisa test on metal and uroporphyrine test ) showed anomalies. The first anomaly showed an intolerability to the titanium dioxide ( in Europe code is E171 for this food additive ) . The second analysis showed an intoxication to mercury, lead or other toxicological organic substances.

On the other hand a later analysis excluded the mercury and the lead intoxication and no complementary analysis has been able to find the real intoxication origin. My medical physician said my intoxication disturb the liver which prevent the organism cure. That intoxication disturb the methylation,s reaction which one exclude the natural antioxidant production and overload my organism with free radicals. The titanium dioxide might be the free radicals origin.

I followed a course of treatments to reduce the intoxication and to drain the liver and the kidneys. After 5 months my health was good, after 7 months I felt a complete recovery and the FARADAY cage was disassemble.

One day on my job I drank a cup of coffee with friends; I had stopped drinking cofee a long time ago. The next night was dreadful, as my FARADAY cage was not available I tried my special shielded cap, I was very surprised to be able to fall asleep. My medical physician was not surprised, my body does not tolerate some substances.

There is a direct effect between well-being health comfort and electromagnetic waves protection. Then the FARADAY cage was reassembled. Twice I tried to sleep outside the FARADAY cage and each time after two weeks health problems showed again. Each time antioxidants medicines increase and the shielded cap was able to ease the situation .

After one month outside the FARADAY cage antioxidant drugs and shielded cap were not sufficient anymore and I had to return into the FARADAY cage. I am quite certain there is a lag of time between exposure to electromagnetic waves and their effects. The lag of time is in the two ways ; time lag between electromagnetic waves exposure and their effects; time lag between the protection from electromagnetic waves and health recovery.

After few months experience I was able to work during the day without any problem if during the night I was sleeping in the FARADAY cage. Sometime I felt some light heart uneasiness, the trouble increase if I stop the antioxidant medicine.

It is a duty to evidence from my experience because electromagnetic waves exposures drive the electro sensitive people to very tragic situation, this communication is able to give assistance to electro sensitive people in danger, which danger may cause death.

One of my colleague was also electro sensitive. He came to my home to see my FARADAY cage. We had several E-mails exchanges, without news from him, I try to contact him but it was too late , he had committed a suicide.

This colleague had also an overtired diagnosis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrom - CFS), after an acupuncture treatment in India he came back in Belgium completely cured. But days after days the same illness came back without any solution.

Today I feel again the same symptoms on my job place and my protection and my strategy are not so efficient any more. It is probably due to the new mobilephone Network (UMTS). New masts has been deployed on the roof where I work.


When the authority will realise the people must be protected from electromagnetic waves ?

When the medical specialists will be exploring this field ? new solutions could be found other than neuroleptic drugs.

X –rays, radiations, UV, are known to be harmful to health; what about the UHF, SHF, EHF used for radars for telecommunications …. All those elements are electromagnetic waves and their effects are cumulative.

What will be the situation tomorrow with the fast and powerful expansion of the electromagnetic waves without any safe protection.

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Thanks to all my family for their support

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